ECO Series

Single Bowl

Single bowl kitchen sinks are available in such an incredible variety of sizes, finishes and materials, that it’s easy to see why they're still the most popular type of kitchen sink on the market. Many of our single bowl sinks give you a large bowl and draining area.

steel kitchen sink

Single Bowl

Product Specification

Model Code Over All Size(AxB) Bowl Size(CxD)
SB001 15"x12"x6" 13"x10"
SB002 16"x14"x6" 14"x12"
SB003 18"x16"x8" 16"x14"
SB004 20"x17"x8" 18"x15"
SB005 21"x18"x8" 18"x15"
SB006 22"x18"x8" 20"x16"
SB007 24"x18"x9" 22"x16"